Saturday, 10 August 2013

Single Table Inheritance in Ror

Hi Folks/Programmers,
                                      I’ve come across many scenarios ,where a Ruby Rails Developer have to use Inheritance(which is a popular OOPS feature), So today i would like you to share some information about single table inheritance.

 With single table inheritance you have a base model which inherits from ActiveRecord::Base, then one or more sub-classes, which inherit from the base model.

Below here is my simple example:-
My Current example is based on Mobile system. We have a single model called ‘Mobile’ and other models such as ‘Samsung’, ‘Apple’, ‘Nokia’ etc., that inherits the property of Mobile model.

so structure come like

Super class

class Mobile < ActiveRecord::Base


Base class

class Nokia < Mobile


while creating table Mobile  you just create a type string column on your votes table, and rails takes care of the rest..

When you do Nokia.create(model: "E7"), this record will be saved in the mobiles table with type = “Nokia”. You can then fetch this row again using Mobile.where(model: 'E7').first and it will return a Firm object.

If you don’t have a type column defined in your table, single-table inheritance won’t be triggered. In that case, it’ll work just like normal subclasses with no special magic for differentiating between them or reloading the right type with find.

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